Advantages - Northern Arizona Electrical Contractors' Association is open to owners and financial officers of electrical businesses located in Northern Arizona.  We offer electrical apprenticeship training opportunities and training courses to our employees, as well as networking together for the benefit of all. 

Benefits:          * Training Opportunities
                        * Labor Pooling/sharing
                        * Voice in the Community for the Electrical Industry
                        * Networking for Trade Safety Issues
                        * Networking for Code Updates and/or Concerns
                        * Reduced prices for Professional Development Seminars, Special Interest Classes
                        * Monthly Meeting lunches - free to members

 To apply for membership, please click on the link provided and fill out the provided application. We will contact once your application is received.

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"It has given me so much confidence to know that I am part of an organization that provides me with so many resources to train and educate my employees"

       ~Derek Goodman - Goodman Electric