My experience with the apprenticeship program was amazing.  I had worked in the electrical industry for ten years and knew many of the practical application in what I was doing.  However, the apprenticeship program answered many of the whys that I had.  The Instructor and guest speakers came armed with many years of divers experience and they were able to answer my questions and give me beneficial information that helped me further my career.  I wish that I would have had the opportunity earlier in my career to learn in an environment that encouraged questions and promoted learning that the apprenticeship offered.  I have since moved from the construction industry to the electrical utility industry and continue to use the information that I learned from the apprenticeship program.
                                                               - Isaac Larsen

Isaac Larsen

Construction Project Manager


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The certificate is valuable. The experience is priceless.


Receiving your journeyman electrician certificate is not just a sign that you finished the program. It is a sign to current and future employers, customers, and potential employees that you not only understand how to effectively address electrical questions and problems but you understand why. The foundation you gain from this program will give you a jumpstart in your career unlike anything else can. Start your experience today!

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"It has given me a lot of confidence to know that I am part of an organization that provides me with so many resources to train and educate my employees"

       ~Derek Goodman - Goodman Electric



At NAECA there is always something going on, whether it be the apprenticeship courses, OSHA training or even a chili cook-off. See what's happening this month!

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There is no point to educating the next generation of electrical contractors if they can't do their work safely. That is why NAECA tries to offer frequent opportunities for students and working professionals to receive OSHA and other trainings from certified instructors.

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Our mission here at the Northern Arizona Electrical Contractor’s Association is to bring the electrical industry together to further educational training, safety and community. To reach out to Electrical professionals all around Northern Arizona and other industry professionals that can help our members in business.

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